One of the most common pieces of blogging advice is to publish content regularly.  Sticking to a blogging schedule is good for your readers and SEO, but it can be a challenge for you.  

We all know how much work goes into creating regular blog content. Coming up with ideas for posts, writing them, and designing an appealing layout takes time and effort.  If you could outline a step-by-step process to guide you from inspiration to publication, you could streamline your content creation and make your life a lot easier.

Here are a few reasons why you need a step-by-step blog writing process:


Having a step-by-step process to follow will help you make creativity a habit. If you wait for inspiration to strike before you sit down to write a blog post, you’ll end up with very little content and your blog could suffer.  

Pablo Picasso said that ‘inspiration exists, but it has to find us working’. Creative work won’t get done unless you sit down and get started. Begin, and your creativity will flow.

Using a step-by-step writing process will help you begin, it gives you a place to start and triggers creativity mode. Over time, a habit is formed, and it should make writing blog posts easier for you.


With a creative habit in place, you’ll become more productive.  

Blogging takes up a lot of time. Some of you are blogging full time for your business; others are blogging while fulfilling work and/or home life commitments.

By following a writing process, you’ll save yourself time on each post produced and free up time for other essential blogging tasks that come after clicking publish.

That means you’ll have more time to create additional content, build relationships on social media, or read other people’s content.  It could also be time you’ve gained for your personal life.


Every blogger wants their blog to be a collection of high-quality content. With a defined writing process, you can make sure you’re covering every aspect that goes into creating quality content and maintain that same level of quality across all your blog posts.

Once you find a process that suits you and make a habit of following it, you’ll put the same amount of work into all your posts, and the result will be consistent quality.


A step-by-step writing process can help you harness creativity, increase productivity, and yield consistent quality; but a writing process can also offer you multiple checkpoints to catch and fix any errors and inconsistencies before you publish.

You’ll produce more accurate writing by including preparation and research steps in your process.  

This is especially helpful for non-native English bloggers. These steps not only help you publish with greater accuracy but offer you an opportunity to expand your English and grow your fluency.

We can all benefit from a writing process with editing steps to improve accuracy in every post and to improve our overall writing craft.

Interested in using a step-by-step writing process for yourself? I created this downloadable, thirty-page guide for you.

The 10 step writing process verity marques

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