Why me? Because I care. I’m an avid reader who cares about words, grammar, and storytelling. If you need someone to care about the quality of your writing and preserve your style, you’re in the right place.

Who are my services for? My services are for anyone. However, I specialise in working with ESL professionals and writers producing texts in English.

What kind of writing do I work with? I work with non-fiction texts. Specifically: academic writing in the environmental and social sciences, business and consulting reports and communication, and creative non-fiction.

What experience do I have? My experience includes proofreading, line editing, translation, and teaching English. In each of these areas I have worked with non-native English professionals to craft, express, and perfect their English communication.

To date, I’ve worked with literature journal submissions, consultancy reports, environmental and social science reports, organisational documents for NGOs, PhD dissertations, and the writing of non-native English professionals.

Services List:

Line editing
Writing + Language Coaching
Web Content Audit
Personalised Improvement Guides

Not sure what kind of editorial service you need?

No problem! Every project is unique and every writer has different goals and needs. I provide no-obligation assessments and quotes for projects.
All you have to do is email me. Include your document (Word or Google doc) and a description of what you plan to do with your writing. I can then assess your document with your goals in mind and provide you with a quote.


Light Editing

In a proofread you can expect me to check your writing for mechanical errors in punctuation, capitalisation, and spelling. Depending on how you’ll use your text, I’ll check for consistency in formatting. I’ll also do light language error checks in grammar, usage, and word choice, and make suggestions for improvements.

Proofreading rates:
Please contact me for a quote.


Medium to Heavy Editing

In a line edit, you can expect me to take a closer look at the content, style, structure, and language at the sentence and paragraph level. I pay attention to word choice, phrasing, and the efficacy of the language. I’ll also be looking to improve consistency, clarity, fluidity, and tone of the text. Should any text require rewriting or restructuring, I’ll make suggestions to help you.  

Line editing rates:
Please contact me for a quote for your project.


Medium to Heavy Editing

In a copyedit, you can expect me to check your text for mechanical and language errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and syntax. I check for consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalisation. I’ll also check the accuracy, consistency, and tone of the text. Should any text require rewriting or restructuring, I’ll make suggestions to help you.  

Copyediting rates:
Please contact me for a quote for your project.

EDITING + Improvement GUIDE

Language Advancement Add-On For Non-Native English Clients

This is an editorial service and an English learning experience all-in-one.

This service is focused on providing you with two things: a polished piece of writing that is error-free and ready to use; and a personalised improvement guide containing explanantions of your most common errors found during editing.

The improvement guide is an opportunity to learn from your writing errors and achieve more advanced English fluency.

If you’re interested in continuing to improve your English while writing, the personalised improvement guide is a valuable use of your time and a cost-effective way to reach advanced fluency with the support of a native English teacher.

Lesson guide: € 25,00
(in addition to editing cost)

Writing + Language Coaching

For Non-Native English Clients

I offer personalised writing and language coaching to ESL writers and professionals who want to achieve advanced level English with an experienced native English teacher.

I have experience teaching, translating, writing, editing, and learning foreign languages. I have also worked with clients of all levels one-on-one. No matter where you are in your English learning journey, I can help you achieve greater fluency.

You can choose to focus on writing or general language in your coaching. I personalise every clients coaching content to suit their needs and goals.

Coaching can be short term or long term. You can choose to have coaching while you work on a specific project that requires English writing or communication.

Are working on a medium to long term writing project (like an academic, business, or consultancy report or a blog) and would like a combination of editorial support, personalised lessons, and email coaching and support over a period of time? If so, my coaching is the perfect accompaniment.

I help guide your learning, advise on areas that need attention, and provide corrections and support. I also provide you with my guides and learning materials.

Coaching is offered remotely through a combination of email and video calling sessions. Contact me to chat about your needs, goals, and how we can work together.


Portuguese or Spanish to English

If you need a Portuguese or Spanish text translated into English, get in touch with me for an assessment and a quote. I specialise in translating environmental and social science texts, but I’m open to a variety of texts.

Translation rates:
Please contact me for a quote for your project.

Content Audit

Content Editing Package

If you’ve got a website and social media, you have a body of work that includes website copy, blog posts, and social media posts that all do a different job. 

This is for you if you want all your English content to be correct, effective, and consistent.

In a content audit, we can correct any mistakes, and assess the efficacy of all your content and communication with your audience. We work together to make sure your English is appropriate for your purposes and the best representation of your brand identity and/or personal style.

Get in touch with me so we can chat about your needs and goals for your content.

Creative Collaboration

Open To Collaboration Invitations

I welcome any opportunity for growth and expansion.
I’m a curious, critical-thinker with a wide variety of interests. I’m also a quick learner with an adaptable skillset. I would love to collaborate with other creatives, so email me if you’ve got an idea or a project you think we could work on together.

PS: Your words are safe with me. I have the utmost respect for your privacy and creative property. Everything we work on together stays between you and me – complete confidentiality.

Not sure if I’m the right fit for you and your project?  Let’s meet! You can email me to schedule a video call.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem.
I’m an agile language service provider with experience writing, proofreading, copyediting, translating, and teaching English.  Get in touch and let’s chat about what you need to take your English and your writing to new heights.