Who are my services for?

If you write in English as a foreign language, my services are for you. If your goal is to write great content that people can connect with and have the opportunity to continue improving your English, let’s work together.

I’m combining my experience as an English teacher, proofreader, and translator to offer editorial services and coaching designed especially for non-native English writers.

I help you produce error-free writing you can publish now and, at the same time, help you take your English fluency to the next level.

Don’t publish but love writing?

Do you enjoy writing or want to improve your English writing but don’t publish on a blog or elsewhere? No problem!

If you like the sound of creating and learning at the same time and want to get personalised help, this is for you too.
My proofread + mini-lesson is a quicker and more cost-effective way to improve your English writing by focusing on your personal problem areas.

Create + learn at the same time.
It’s an investment in your present and your future.


For non-native English clients

You’re busy. You’ve got content to write and life to live. But, you don’t want grammar mistakes or unnatural sounding English to distract readers from your message. Let me proofread your writing before you share it.

No project is too big or too small.  I care about words, grammar, and accuracy.  So, if you need someone to care about the quality of your writing, you’re in the right place.

To date, my experience includes social science reports for NGOs, PhD dissertations, and the writing of non-native English professionals.

So, whether it’s a blog post, website copy, social media posts, email newsletters, a report, or any piece of writing you’ve composed, I can help you put your best work out there.

In a proofread you can expect me to check your writing for errors in grammar, word choice, punctuation, and spelling.

Proofreading rate: € 0,03 per word


For non-native English clients

You want a proofread to make sure your writing is the best it can be, but you also want to learn from your mistakes and take your English to new heights. Get a proofread + an accompanying mini-lesson.

With every proofread you have the option of adding a mini-lesson. This is a great investment for non-native English writers who want to improve their English fluency.

The mini-lesson offers you an opportunity to get help with specific grammar problems from an English teacher. A great way to improve your English is to write, and then work to improve the problem areas revealed in your writing. This is my goal with the mini-lesson add-on service.

If you want a teacher’s help to improve your English writing by focusing on your personal problem areas, this is for you.

Proofreading rate: € 0,03 per word + Mini-lesson: € 20,00

Language Coaching

For non-native English clients

You’ve studied English before and you want to continue to improve your English without having to attend another language course.

Courses are great, but if you want to reach academic or professional level proficiency, you need personalised help that courses aren’t always equipped to provide. My language coaching offers you the opportunity to get personalised help and support as you work to improve your fluency.

This is for people who have time to dedicate to working on their English on their own, but who still want access to an English teacher to help guide their learning, advise on areas that need attention, and provide corrections and support. This is particularly helpful for people writing content in English for work or pleasure – create and learn at the same time.

Coaching is offered remotely through a combination of email and video calling over 1-month or 3-month blocks of time. Contact me to chat about your needs, goals, and how we can work together.

Content Audit

For non-native English clients

If you’ve got a website and social media, you have a body of work that includes website copy, blog posts, and social media posts that all do a different job. 

This is for you if you want all your English content to be correct, effective, and consistent.

In a content audit, we can correct any mistakes, and assess the efficacy of all your content and communication with your audience. We work together to make sure your English is appropriate for your purposes and the best representation of your brand identity and/or personal style.

Get in touch with me so we can chat about your needs and goals for your content.

PS: Your words are safe with me. I have the utmost respect for your privacy and creative property. Everything we work on together stays between you and me.

Not sure if I’m the right fit for you and your project?  You can read more about my background here

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem.
I’m an agile language service provider with experience writing, proofreading, translating, and teaching English.  Get in touch and let’s chat about what you need to take your English to new heights.