About Me

I’m Verity.

Bio writing is not my forte (Struggle with it too? Read this post). I do a variety of things (mostly language-related), I’m interested in a wide range of stuff, and I feel my best when I’m able to help others feel good and be creative.

I write, I read, and I explore.
In particular, I explore creativity, cultivating a growth mindset, personal development, life design, and the craft of writing on my blog. I also help others write through editorial and coaching services designed for non-native English writers and professionals.

If I had to use labels, I’d say I’m a freelance content writer, proofreader, and copy-editor with a background in EFL teaching, translation, and foreign language learning.
But that’s a bit wordy and only a part of who I am, so it’s probably best if you just email me so we can chat. 😀


My blog is for anyone interested in honing their writing craft, bringing creativity back, cultivating a growth mindset, making their reading more purposeful, and designing a more intentional life that you enjoy living every day.


My services are a combination of editorial help (proofreading + copy-editing) and English advancement (personalised lessons + coaching) for anyone writing in English as a foreign language.

My Story

The Long Version

It’s been a winding road to get where I am now. I often had no idea where it was leading and I had no plan, but somehow it’s all come together to get me here. The journey continues and the destination remains a mystery.

My Portfolio

My Work Published On Other Platforms

I enjoy collaborating with other writers and creatives and I love the challenge of creating content for publications other than my own blog. In my portfolio, you will find a collection of links to my work published on other platforms.

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